Cod: 14


The “INGRA BROZZI” refined Lard is a product made from carefully selected raw materials subjected to the process of dripping and refining.
Odourless, tasteless and acid free it makes the gluten mass crumbly, reducing the loss of moisture giving fragrance to finished products.
It is suitable for the baking and confectionery industries and for oven-baked products.
Especially suitable for production of typical breads, pizzas, focacce, piadina, pastries and very dry and crisp frying.
Traditional Italian recipes with lard there are: piadina Romagnola, erbazzone Reggiano, tigelle Modena, cannoli siciliani and casatiello napoletano.
It can be used in all foods where pure, neutral, odourless, tasteless and colourless fat is required.

Cartons of 9 KG (18 trays of 500 gr. each)